The Most Talked About Chicken Wings in Phuket is in Hooters

p3 (1).jpg

What’s with Hooters Phuket? A lot of people are talking about it. They say that it houses the best chicken wings in Phuket. What can be different with their chicken wings here? Do they have other food aside from that? How do they serve it? Read along this article and all these questions will be answered and more.

Hooters Phuket has a big variety of food and booze to offer. Open our menu and you will find an all American dine in experience. From soups, steaks, sliders, salads, seafood and the most talked about chicken wings. Yes, the best there is in Phuket. Original Hooters Style, breaded by hand and deep fried to your satisfaction with a choice our signature sauces to drown with, serve by 8,10, 20 and 50 pieces. Boneless Wing, just like your all Original Hooters Style minus the bones, imagine how fast and many you can consume it, this is served by 10,20 and 50 pieces. Last but definitely not the least is the Beach Style Wings tossed in the ever-famous Daytona Sauce, millions have tried to copy but have failed. The choice of sauce are as follows: XXX Habanero, 9-1-1, Mild, Medium or Hot, Hot Chipotle, Chipotle Garlic, 3 Mile Island, Classic BBQ, Naked Blackened, Honey Thai Chili Pepper. But if you haven’t tried our Original Style the way it is, make sure to do so. Another great news, we at Hooters Phuket are proud to introduce our “Wednesday Wings Day”, enjoy our all you can eat wings for only 599 Baht per head. Isn’t it amazing?

Being located in 48/2 Ruamjai Road, Patong Beach, Kathu Phuket.  Everyone would definitely have a good time here. Who would not enjoy the scenery of Patong Beach known as the biggest and most popular beach in Phuket. Night life would never be the same here in Patong, it is at its busiest after sundown with hundreds of restaurants, sports bar, beer bar, night clubs and Go Go Bars. Here at Hooters you are in the midst of this wonderful paradise and can enjoy the world class service of our dashing and flirty Hooters Girls.



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